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The Plane Truth Teaching Philosophy

“The sole purpose of a golf swing is to produce a correct, repetitive impact. The method employed is of no significance as long as it is repetitive.” – John Jacobs

The purpose in swinging a golf club cannot be summed up more succinctly than by Sir John Jacobs.  Our founder Jim Hardy considers John not only his mentor but one of the forefathers of modern golf instruction.  This quote is the motto that The Plane Truth has adopted since its inception in 2005. Jim’s true genius was born out of that motto and is his contribution to the golf instruction community.  It is the foundation upon which Jim built his groundbreaking Plane Truth +’s and -‘s Impact System.  This system is used to improve a golfer’s impact and ball flight no matter the swing style or method they employ.  When a swing is not producing a correct and repetitive impact, the impact is either too steep (+) or too shallow (-).  A swing element from the opposite category is then introduced to help balance the scale and move the golfer to a neutral impact.  The goal of every Plane Truth instructor is to improve a student’s impact and ball flight as quickly as possible.  This is reflected in our motto, “Hit The Next Ball Better”.  We do not buy into the adage that golfers should get worse before they get better.  If you do not experience improvement immediately, one of three things are happening.

  • You do not understand what you need to do
  • You understand what you need to do, but aren’t doing it
  • The information you are being given is incorrect